While I practice. I use a light up disc with these light up sneakers To add myself a SciFi Look!

How light up sneakers can add to your game. Scifi baby!

Visuals are everything so let me start by just posting this pic:

I run, jog, and climb. I found a light up led Frisbee the other day and thought it would be cool if went to the local shore in the evening to throw it around with a couple of my buddies. Honestly I like led's and strobes and what not so these were the perfect Christmas gift my girl Angela could have given me. I had light up sneakers as a kid but light up sneakers as an adult? I would do that in a heart beat I mean Why not! I miss my childhood, plus Light up sneakers dude, It doesn't get any better than this. The lights are crazy bright, and have a strobe effect, I'm thinking it would be perfect for a rave! if you want a pair check them out here

These shoes actually put a smile on my face while practicing so I love them! and I love Kuaks! They find the craziest stuff on aliexpress, so a shoutout to them to let them know that they are doing a great job!

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